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What Is Offline Push Service

Offline push service is a service that work at the background of your Operate System.

IOS use APNS,(Apple Push Notification Service)

Android have similar service like GCM(Google Cloud Message)

The working theory are like this:

  1. Ordered List ItemThe Vfone app registers for push notifications to your Operate System(by enabled pus service), then the OS asks APNS(GCM) for a device token.
  2. Ordered List ItemAPNS Server(GCM Server) send the device token, and your Vfone app receives it.
  3. Ordered List ItemAfter received the token, Vfone app sends the token to our cloud server.
  4. Ordered List ItemWhen a call comes but your app doesn't open, our cloud server will send a message to APNS(GCM) server.
  5. Ordered List ItemAPNS(GCM) sends the call to Vfone.

You can enable/disable Vfone offine functions at setting→SIP ACCOUNT