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How to Setup Unlock Door Configurations

In the Contact interface, there is a Unlock option. It is for controling whether to open doors or not and how to open doors.

Enable Unlock function, and then it will pop up corresponding relay parameters for configuring, including Relay Name, Unlock Method and DTMF Code.

It will only show options for configuring Relay1 by default, users can click More Relay icon to extend Relay2 and Relay3. Click the Minus icon to hide again.

Relay Name: Default name is Relay1/2/3, users can customize the name.

Unlock Method: Users can select DTMF code or HTTP Command methods for unlocking.

DTMF Code: When select the Unlock Method to be DTMF code, users need to enter the correct DTMF value for openning door when in a call.

HTTP Command: When select the Unlock Method to be HTTP Command, users need to enter the correct HTTP command for openning the door.

HTTP command format is like for Akuvox door staions: