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 +====== How To Setup Video Preview ======
 +To setup video preview for devices on Vbell, please follow the steps:
 +Add a new device or press the existing device and press Edit button.
 +{{:​3.vbell:​mydevice.png?​400 |}}{{ :​3.vbell:​editdevice.png?​400 |}}
 +There are 2 ways to setup video preview:
 +  - Enable video preview directly, the SIP server will request video from this device as video preview.
 +  - Enable video preview first, and enable RTSP, after that enter the RTSP URL and enable "Use RTSP Preview"​.
 +<note important>"​Use RTSP Preview"​ appears only when "​RTSP"​ Enabled. And the device need to be outer network so that RTSP stream will work remotely.</​note>​
 +{{:​3.vbell:​videopreview.png?​400 |}}{{ :​3.vbell:​rtsp.png?​400 |}}