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 +====== How To Set Up Outbound Proxy ======
 +To setup outbound proxy server on Vbell, please follow the steps:
 +Press Menu button to enter menu interface, and press "​Account Setting"​.
 +{{:​3.vbell:​main.png?​400 |}}{{ :​3.vbell:​menu.png?​400 |}}
 +Press account label to enter account setting interface, and enable "​Outbound proxy"​. Enter "​Outbound Server URL" and "​Outbound Sever Port". After all, press "​Save"​ button.
 +<note important>​Akuvox provide a free outbound proxy server: whose port is 5060 for pushing notification feature. To make sure the outbound proxy server works well with your SIP server, your SIP server need to be on outer network.</​note>​
 +{{:​3.vbell:​account-registered.png?​400 |}}{{ :​3.vbell:​outbound.png?​400 |}}