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How To Export A Log File

To export a log file on Vbell, please follow the steps:

  1. IOS:

Press Menu button, and press “Advance Settings”.

Change the “Log Level” to “7”, and fill in the “Log Server” and “Log Port”(It is with port 108 ). After all, press “Save”. Then, you need to reproduce the issue, so that the log would be captured.

After reproducing the issue, please go back to the “Advance Settings” and press the Upload button on right top.

You must remember the time when you press the Upload button, so that the engineers can find the logs.
  1. Android:

Press Menu button, and press “Advance” to go to the advance settings interface.

Change the “Log Level” to “7”, and then reproduce the issue.

After reproducing the issue, go back to the menu interface. Press “Developer” and then press “Export Log”. Select the path to save this log file by pressing “Browser” button, after that, press “Export” button and send it to your technical support.