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PNP Server

PNP (Plug and Play) server is a software tool installed on PC to help user do the configuration and upgrade for Akuvox devices in a batch automatically.

Please consult technical support for downloading the PNP server

Taking the upgrade for an example


1. Upgrade firmware (.rom) and configuration file (.cfg). Put them under same folder.

2. TFTP /FTP /HTTP server and PNP server.

3. Make sure PC (sever) and devices are under the same network.


Step 1: Open the TFTP/FTP/HTTP server. Configure Upload/DownLoad for TFTP server. The URL should be where you put the .rom and .cfg file

Step 2: Go to the device's web - Upgrade - Advanced - PNP Option and enable the PNP config.

Step 3: Open the Configure file and do configuration.

Step 4: Open the PNP server, Configure the URL like the below picture show.
Click Start and reboot the device.

Note: All phones that under the same network will automatically do pnp upgrade, therefore stop the pnp server when not using it.