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PNP Server

PNP (Plug and Play) server is a software tool installed on PC to help user do the configuration and upgrade for Akuvox devices in a batch automatically.

The download link for PNP server is

Taking the upgrade for an example


1. Upgrade firmware (.rom) and configuration file (.cfg). Put them under same folder.

2. TFTP /FTP /HTTP server and PNP server.

3. Make sure PC (sever) and devices are under the same network.


Step 1: Open the TFTP/FTP/HTTP server. Configure Upload/DownLoad for TFTP server. The URL should be where you put the .rom and .cfg file

Step 2: Go to the device's web - Upgrade - Advanced - PNP Option and enable the PNP config.

Step 3: Open the Configure file and do configuration.

Step 4: Open the PNP server, Configure the URL like the below picture show.
Click Start and reboot the device.

Note: All phones that under the same network will automatically do pnp upgrade, therefore stop the pnp server when not using it.