Akuvox IP Scanner

About Akuvox IP Scanner

Akuvox IP Scanner is a software tool installed on PC to help user to search the device IP address for Akuvox door station. And it is convenient for user to find out the device IP address remotely rather than standing front of the device to check. This tool can be used on windows 7/8/10.

Please contact your technical engineer to download IP scanner.

How to use IP Scanner

Get Started

Step 1, Double click AkuvoxIPScanner.exe

The main interface

Step 2, Choose the local IP which network segment is same as the devices.

Step 3, click “Scan” to search the devices that in the same LAN.

* Scan: to search all device IP address in the same LAN.
* Reboot: reboot the device, username and password is requested.
* UserName: the device web interface login name.
* Password: the device web interface login password.
* LocalIP: PC IP address which is located in the same LAN with Akuvox device
* Model: to choose which Akuvox model to search.
* Index: Number of device.
* IP: Device IP address.
* MAC: Device MAC address.
* Model: Device model.
* Firmware: Device firmware No.
* Close: Shut down the tool.


Reboot Device

Step 1, choose one searched device.

Step 2, fill in the username and password of the device.

Step 3, click “Reboot” to reboot the device.

Go to web interface

Double click the searched device, it will switch to broswer and open the device web interface.