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Excrypt tool

The tool is for users to excrypt the configuration on the autop template file.

For the details about the autop template, please refer to Autop template

Users can download the tool from

Please follow the steps below:

Solution 1:

Step 1: Open the autop file .cfg and configurate for it.

Step 2: Open the “keylist” file and enter the configuration code users want to encrypt.
For example, users want to encrypt the password of the SIP account, then enter the corresponding code on the “keylist”.


Step 3: Open the encrypt tool .exe and enter the corresponding autop file and keylist file. Then press “Encrypt”.
The password will be encrypted.

Before encrypt the password

After encrypt the password

Solution 2:
Encrypt the test directly.
Step 1: Enter the password on the “Source Text”.
Step 2: Press the “Encrypt”. Step 3: The encrypt password will be show in the “Destination Text” and enter it to the web directly. When users export the autop file, it will show the encrypt password.