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How to get the package name and class name of application

How to display the third party applications in the home page.

Users can download the tool from the website:

1. Run this tool on PC.

2. Drag the apk into the tool, it will analyze the info about the apk automatically.

The package name is in “包名”. The version of apk is in “版本名”.

3. Click “展开”, and click “其他信息”.

The class name is in “启动活动”.
The sdkVersion is for checking which versin of Android system can be supported.

4.Go to Phone-Key/Display-Home Page Display, you can select the custom APK in the Type drop-down list. And you need to upload an icon for the application.

5.Go to Third Party APK Control, fill in the package name and class name of the application that you have got from the tool.

6.Then you can access your APP directly on the home page without going into the folder.