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 +==== How to setup HTTP API ====
 +HTTP API is a powerful function which is used to intergrate Akuvox door unit with other systems like attendance system. survalllance system etc.
 +<note important>​It'​s available on all Akuvox door units.</​note>​
 +On web portal, go to **Intercom** - **HTTP API** to configure
 +{{ :​1.outdoor_station:​feature_guides:​intercomhttpapi.png?​nolink600 |}}
 +\\ **HTTP API**: it's enabled by default.
 +\\ **Auth Mode**: there are 5 modes of auth: None, Normal, Whitelist, Basic, Digest, Token. ​
 +\\ **User name**: to configure user name of API
 +\\ **Password**:​ to configure password of API
 +\\ **IP**: support 5 IP at most.