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 +====== How to identify which firmware version is newest ======
 +<ff sans-serif><​fs medium> Take the R29 version as an example: </​fs></​ff>​{{:​1.outdoor_station:​feature_guides:​r29_version.png?​nolink&​400|}}
 +<ff sans-serif><​fs medium> **A:**To distinguish different models. \\ 
 +20 means suitable for R20 devices; \\ 
 +23 means suitable for R23 devices; \\ 
 +26 means suitable for R26 devices; \\ 
 +27 means suitable for R27 devices; \\ 
 +29 means suitable for R29 devices; \\  ​
 +110 means suitable for E10 devices; \\ 
 +21 means suitable for E21 devices; \\ \\ 
 +**B:**To distinguish different OEM. \\ 
 +0 means the version with Akuvox logo; \\ 
 +1 means the version no any logo; \\ 
 +31 means the version support cloud, SDMC, discovery mode at the same time; \\ 
 +The other values are to distinguish customers with custom version demands; \\ \\ 
 +**C:** To distinguish different branch. \\ \\ 
 +**D:** Distinguish between different versions of the same model, the same OEM and the same branch. A higher value indicates an updated version (make sure to be under the same model, the same OEM, and the same branch); \\ </​fs></​ff>​