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How to do factory upgrade in R2X

✔ Factory upgrade for R20

2.IP scanner;

1. Connect the R20 and PC via USB cable.

2. Run the upgrade rool .

3.Click Firmware, click Image to select the img file you needed (It need to be in img format).

4. Power off the R20 first. Then long press the recovery button and in the same time to power on R20. The firmware will prompt you, click yes and release the recovery button.

5. After the factory upgrading, devices will be recycling announce the 0123456789, users need to do reset to factory settings in its webpage.

PS: You can use the IPscanner to search R20’s IP address.

✔ Factory upgrade for R27

Here take the R26 as an example, so does the R27.

1. 3CDaemon.exe;
2. R26*1 or R27*1;


1. Connect the router to internet, connect the PC and the R26 to router.
2. Make sure the whole internet segment to be 192.168.1.x. And configure the IP address of PC to be

1. Run the 3CDaemon.exe
2. Create the folder in desktop, named it R26P. Change the name of the R26’s firmware, like any other firmware) to be recovery.rom. Put the firmware into the R26P folder.

3. Configure the path to be the corresponding path.

4. Take apart the R26, press reset button on its motherboard and power on R26 by the 12V/1A adapter, then R26 will enter the recovery mode and do factory upgrade.

✔ Factory upgrade for R29

1. DriverAssitant_v1.40;
2. FactoryTool_v1.40;
3. SelftestdAssistant_R29S,F;
4. R29S*1 or R29F*1;

1. Take apart the R29S and find the factory recovery mode button.

2. Open the DriverAssitant_v4.4 folder, click DriverInstall.exe, click ‘驱动安装’ to install the Driver first.

When the driver is installed successfully, it will prompt:

When it is installed successfully first time in your PC, recommend to reboot your PC and then do the following steps.

3. Open the FactoryTool_v1.40 folder, click FactoryTool.exe to run the upgrading tool.

4. Click Firmware to select the needed .img format firmware-factory- Click Run, and the button will turn into ‘Stop’.

5. Connect the Micro USB cable with your PC. Make sure the Micro USB cable can be recognized by PC first. Press the factory recovery button and then connect the R29S with power supply. When it appear the ‘Msc’, you can release the factory recovery button.

When the upgrading is successful, it will prompt like:

Do not disconnect the USB cable and power supply, or else the device may be broken.

After the upgrading, the R29S will enter factory test mode, so you need to do as followed to configure the MAC address for R29:
1. Click the icon to stop the music.

2. Run the SelftestdAssistant_R29S,F tool, click “1(扫描设备)” to search the R29S/F which is the with the firmware, select the model and then click “4(设置型号)” to configure the model:

3. Run the adb tool, enter the command to configure the MAC address of R29S. The MAC address will work after reboot.
4. Click “进入系统应用” and click “确定” to enter the main interface of R29S.