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-====== How to configure Qos in r27 ====== 
-<fs medium>​QoS (Quality of Service): is a security mechanism of the network and is a technology used to solve problems such as network delay and congestion. 
-Qos Configuration 
-\\ 1.Go to the web GUI of the R27 and enter the login and password (by default they are admin and admin).</​fs>​ 
-{{ :​1.outdoor_station:​feature_guides:​图片6.png?​direct&​400&​nolink |}} 
-2.Go to Network – Advanced–Qos to configure. 
-{{ :​1.outdoor_station:​feature_guides:​图片7.png?​direct&​400&​nolink |}} 
-<fs medium>​Note:​ 
-In RFC2474, the TOS field of IPv4 is redefined, the first six bits represent DSCP, and the lower 2 bits are reserved.Several DSCP values recommended by Cisco: 
-\\ Routing protocol CS6 
-\\ Interactive voice EF 
-\\ Interactive video AF41 
-\\ Streaming video CS4 
-\\ Telephone signaling AF31 or CS3 
-\\ Network management CS2 
-\\ Bulk data AF11 
-\\ Best effort 0 
-\\ When our phone is by default, it should be reasonable to use AF31 or CS3.</​fs>​