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-====== How to configure NFC in R2X====== 
-<note tip><​ff sans-serif><​fs medium> All the R2X door station support unlock via NFC code on Android smartphone which installed the Smartplus APP. When close smartphone to door station, the door will be opened. It's one of the most convenient way to unlock the door. </​fs></​ff></​note>​ 
-==== How to configure:​==== 
-\\ <ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​1. Enable the NFC feature of Android mobile phone first. 
-\\ {{ :​1.outdoor_station:​feature_guides:​nfc_1.png?​nolink&​900*900 |NFC}}\\ ​ 
-\\ 2. Enable all permissions for SmartPlus APP. 
-\\ {{ :​1.outdoor_station:​feature_guides:​nfc_2.png?​nolink&​900*900 |NFC}}\\ ​ 
-\\ 3. Log in the SmartPlus APP and enable the NFC feature of APP. 
-\\ {{ :​1.outdoor_station:​feature_guides:​nfc_3.png?​nolink&​900*900 |NFC}}\\ ​ 
-\\ 4. Close the Android mobile phone to R2X’s card reader to unlock.</​fs></​ff>​