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 +====== How to configure different themes in R29 ====== 
 +<​note>​There are three themes : Building, Villa,​Office</​note>​ 
 +Go to **Intercom**-**Key/​Display** to configure. 
 +{{ :​1.outdoor_station:​feature_guides:​qqtheme3320190419182134.png?​nolink&​700 |}} 
 +{{ :​1.outdoor_station:​feature_guides:​qqbuilding20190419183009.png?​nolink&​300 |}} 
 +\\ The difference between Villa and office: 
 +\\ **Office**: When screen is waken, the screen will show contact directly,​when user exit contact, three buttons(Contact,​Call,​Password.) will display.  
 +\\ **Villa**:​When screen is waken, the screen will show three buttons directly. 
 +{{ :​1.outdoor_station:​feature_guides:​qqbuilding2220190419183032.png?​nolink&​300 |}}