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What to do if failed to register SIP extension

There are some methods for users to check the problem when the SIP account registers fail on devices.

Cause 1: Wrong account information.

Solution 1: Check account information.
Go to the device's web - Account - Basic. Check all the corresponding parameter and click “Submit” to accept the change.
For more details about these parameters, please refer to: how_to_register_r2x_to_sip_proxy_server or how_to_register_sip_account

Cause 2: Account has been registered by other devices.

Solution 2: Please check whether this account have already been registered by other other devices. If so, please try an new account to test it.

Cause 3: If the server support the RPort, it will check whether the via message with the rport parameter when receiving the request.

Solution 2: Go to the devcie'web - Account - Advanced - NAT. Enable the “RPort”. if enabled, it will add Remote Port into outgoing SIP message for designated account.