Product Warranty

Warranty Terms

AKUVOX warrants that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship. Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below, AKUVOX will, at its option, either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials.

Product Replacement

In case major quality problem is found within 15 days from the date of original retail purchase, AKUVOX may at its option replace this product or provide you with an equivalent product. Agent needs to pay for the cost for exchange fees and the freight for sending new ones between the users. AKUVOX will be responsible for the exchange fees and the freight for sending new ones between agents.

When the parcel is arrived, user or agent should open it and inspect immediately. If damage is found in package and product, user or agent should refuse to sign in or specify the damage on the waybill. Otherwise, AKUVOX has no liability for refunding and replacing the produce. After receiving the damaged product, user or agent should duly contact AKUVOX or its local agent for carrier’s compensation, providing documents in a form of digital pictures or video recording. AKUVOX or its local agent will resend the product as soon as we confirm with the carrier, and ask the carrier to recall the defective product.

Duration of Warranty

1. AKUVOX provides one-year limited warranty from the date of shipment of the AKUVOX products. During the warranty period, AKUVOX will repair the damaged product for free.

2. Consumable parts such as package, user manual, network cable, handset cable, etc. are not covered by warranty. User can purchase these parts from AKUVOX.

3. We do not replace or refund any sold product except for quality problem.


This warranty does not cover damages due to:

1. Misuse, including but not limited to: (a) use of the product for the purpose other than that it is designed for, or failure to follow AKUVOX user guide, and (b) product installation or operation in conditions other than specified by the standards and safety regulations enforced in the country of operation.

2. Product repaired by unauthorized service provider or personnel, or disassembled by users themselves.

3. Accident, fire, water, lighting, improper ventilation and other causes that does not come under AKUVOX control.

4. Defects of the system in which the product is operated.

5. The warranty period has expired. This warranty does not infringe upon customer’s legal rights given to him/her by the laws currently enforced in his/her country as well as consumer’s rights toward the dealer arising from the sale contract.