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How to upgrade in resume mode for IP Phone

1.Get the firmware.

2.All the firmware released from Akuvox can be used for upgrading in resume mode.

3.Put the firmware on tftp server.

4.Rename the firmware file to recovery.rom, and then put it on the tftp server.

5.Go to the resume mode.

6.Long press HOME/Resume key when power on, the phone would go to the resume mode, in which the IP and server address can be set.

Akuvox has two version R50 which is different in button design.Old version as shown in left has already stopped production.

7.Setup the IP and tftp server.(the phone ip and server ip must be in the same network segment)

8.Setup the IP and tftp server by key.

9.Start upgrading

10.After setup the IP and tftp server, press the “Burn” would start the upgrading. And then the phone would display the upgrading progress.