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How to upgrade EM53/EM63 in IP Phone

Several expansion modules can be chained together to connect to a IP phone which has Ext ports, so that all configurations of the expansion mdules should be done in the IP Phone.


1.In the Iphone website, go to the path Phone→Ext Key.

2.To select an upgrade rom file from local side, then press Submit to access the upgrading. 3. The IP phone shows “Upgrading”.

4.When the IP phone prompt “please connect Expansion..”then connect the expansin module to the ip phone.

5.The “Upgrade count” in the screen will be added one by one if one expansion module upgrading is finish.

6.After upgrading , remove the expansion module.

7.Press Reboot in the IP phone to exit the upgrading mode

if you need to upgrade multiple expansion devices , you can continue to connect the expansion with the IP Phone after the previous expansion is finished.