How to setup SNMP feature


SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) is an Internet - standard protocol for managing devices on IP networks. Typically, SNMP is widely used in network management system to monitor network - attached devices for conditions that may draw network administrative attention. SNMP exposes management data in the form of variables on the managed systems, which describe the system configuration. These variables can then be queried by managing applications. The variablesaccessible via SNMP are organized in hierarchies, which are described by Management Information Bases (MIBs)

2.Configure SNMP on Akuvox phone

1. Login the phone’s web page, go to Network - Advanced.

2. Enable SNMP from drop-down list.

3. Input the port number, IP address of trusted SNMP server as below.

3.Basic object identifiers

The following table shows some basic object identifiers supported by akuvox phone

Name OID Type Execute SecureCRT to obtain corelated data
sysDescr DisplayString Run uname –a (eg.Linux (none) 2.6.10_dev-malta-mips2_fp_len #44 Sun Jun 1602:33:13 PDT 2013 mips )
sysContact OctetString R52 version must be:Sysadmin (root@localhost)
sysLocation OctetString R52 version must be:Server Room
ifNumber Integer Run ifconfig to check the number of interface(eg. 3)
Note:One of them is hidden interface
ifDescr OctetString Run Ifconfig(eg. Esw0,lo,teql0 )
Note:teql0 is hidden interface
ifType Integer Run Ifconfig to check the encap parameter of two interfaces(eg. Esw0: Ethernet;lo: Local Loopback)
ifMtu Integer Run Ifconfig to check MTU parameter of two interfaces
ifSpeed Gauge Run Ifconfig to check txqueuelen parameter of two interfaces(eg.esw0:10000000)
Note:CRT uses M as units of measurement,tool uses KB as units of measurement.
ifPhysAddress PHYSADDRESS Run Ifconfig to check the HWaddr parameter of two interfaces
ifOperStatus Integer Ifconfig
ifInOctets Counter32 Ifconfig
ifInUcastPkts Counter32 Ifconfig
ifInDiscards Counter32 Ifconfig
ifInErrors Counter32 Ifconfig

4.Usage of MIB browser

After finish configuring Akuvox IP phone, you can test SNMP feature with MIB( Management Information Base ) Browser tool. 1. Open MIB browser tool 2. Firstly, fill in the Host IP address and Port number.

Host IP address is related to phone’s IP address, the port number should be the same as the SNMP port number specified on Phone’s web page(Network → Advanced).

3. Click and enter following interface. 4.Select SNMP version. Akuvox phone support SNMPv1 or SNMPv2. 5. Keep other setting as default.

6. After finish setting, press [OK] to save.

7. If IP phone is connected, the following information be displayed.
8. After SNMP is enabled, the phone information can be found on MG-SOFT MIB Browser. 9. Press to unfold the tree-like data structure. 10. Select Click right key then choose GET or click to get the related information for the item. 11.Select Click right key then choose SNMPWALK to get the following information in system directory as below. 12. Select Click right key then choose GETNEXT or click to get the information of next item. 13. Click GETBULK SNMP Data to get the information of all items. 14. Input OID in below area to obtain the corresponded information.