How to setup security certificate


Certificates can ensure communication integrity and privacy when deploying Akuvox IP phone. So when user needs to establish or be connected with SSL protocol, it is necessary to upload corresponding certificates for verification. The Akuvox IP phone allows user two types of certificate to be uploaded into phone system.

Web Server Certificate: it is the certificate that send to client for authentication when client require an SSL connection with Akuvox IP Phone. Currently, the format of certificate can be accepted by Akuvox IP Phone is *.PEM file.

Client Certificate: When Akuvox IP Phone required an SSL connection with server, the phone must verify the server to make sure it can be trusted. and the server will sends its certificate to the Akuvox IP Phone. Then the Phone will verify this certificate according to client certificate list

Configure Web Server Certificates

Upload a web server certificate via web interface

1.Open and log into phone’s web interface;

2.Go to path: Security→Advanced;

3.Click Choose file to browse local drive, and locate the desired certificate (*pem only)
4.Click Submit to upload the certificate

It is impossible to modify or delete the built-in web server certificate, and resetting to factory will not affect the built-in web server certificate at all.

Configure Client Certificates

Upload a web certificate via web interface

1.Open and log into phone’s web interface

2.Go to path: Security→Advanced

3.Under Client Certificate section, Click Choose file browse local drive, and locate the desired certificate. (*.pem only).

4.Select the desired value from drop-down list of Index.
* If select Auto value, the uploaded certificate will be displayed by numeric order.
* If select value from 1 to 10, the uploaded certificate will be displayed according to the value that user selected.

5.Select the desired value from the drop-down list of Only Accept Trusted Certificates.
* If select Enabled, as long as the authentication success, the phone will verify the server certificate based on the client certificate list.
* If select Disabled, the phone will not verify the server certificate no matter whether the certificate is valid or not.

6.Click Submit to upload the certificate to the phone.

Upload client certificate via configuration file

1. Add/Edit the certificate URL after Config.Certificate.0X.Url, where “X” stands for the number order of certificate. And the range of “X” is 1 to 10. For example:

Config.Certificate.03.Url= tftp://

Will place the certificate at 3rd column of client certificate list.

2. Upload the configuration file to the phone system by auto provisioning. For more detail of auto provisioning, please refer to Akuvox R5XP AutoProvisioning Guide.