How to setup provider code


Feature Overview

Dialing a special number in the keypad interface (special numbers need to both start and end with #), if the special number matches the parameter value in Autop pre-configured profile, then the phone system will enter Auto provisioning immediately .

Feature Diagram

Configuration On Akuvox IP Phones

IP Phone Auto Provisioning Provider Code Parameters on Akuvox IP Phones

Config.Autoprovision.X.Name = Configure the name of Provider code.The range of the value X is 01~50
Config.Autoprovision.X.Code = Configure the provider code for auto provisioning.
Config.Autoprovision.X.Url = Configure the auto provisioning server.
Config.Autoprovision.X.User = Configure Username of the auto provisioning server.
Config.Autoprovision.X.Password = Configure Password of the auto provisioning server.
Config.Autoprovision.X.ComAes = The AES for Common Configuration.
Config.Autoprovision.X.MacAes = The AES for MAC Configuration.

Autop Configuration

Autop function should be enabled before using Provider Code. Path: Upgrade→Advanced→Autop→Mode→Power On/Repeatedly/Power On+ Repeatedly

Autop cannot be configured as Disabled, because Provider Code function needs to enter autop function immediately.