How to setup conference

Users can use the local conference feature to hold a 3-way conference by pressing the Conference softkey or Conference function key to invite the current talking and one line talking held to attend conference. The Network conference feature allows you to add or delete the party who attend the conference.
The local conference feature of IP phone Akuvox can invite two parties at most to attend conference. The conference type of IP phone Akuvox is Local conference with default.

1.Create Local Conference

1.Create talking with first party;

2.Press the New softkey to create a new talking;

3.Press the Back softkey of dial interface to hold talking with first party;

4.Input the number of second party and press the OK key on the phone keyboard or the Send softkey to make a call; When the second party answers your call, inquire whether they want to attend conference;

5.Press the Conference softkey to start 3-way conference;

6.Press the Split softkey to split to two lines standalone talking, then this two parties talking are under Hold status;

7.Press the Resume softkey to resume the current talking;

8.Press the Cancel softkey or the key to cancel the conference talking and return to Idle.

2.Make two lines talking attend conference

1.Use two different accounts to create two lines talking in the phone ( For example, use account 1 to create line 1 talking and account 2 for line 2).

2.Press the Up or Down key on the phone keyboard to select the talking you will create for conference, the talking must be on activated status ( For example, select the talking in account 1)

3.Press the conference softkey to add the two lines talking to conference.

You can press the Hold softkey to hold the conference, also you can press the Split softkey to split the conference to two standalone talking, press the Cancel softkey to end conference.