How to setup multicast


Multicast uses one-to-many mode to communicate in a range. Akuvox Phone can be a listener part and also can be the listened part to realize Multicast communication.
Multicast address from—, however not all multicast IP addresses are valid. Please consult your administrator for more information.In this feature guide , we use Akuvox R5X IP phone as an example.


Listener part

1. To setup Multicast in the website.

2. Go to the path:Phone-Multicast.

3. Paging Barge:Choose the multicast priority number ,the range is 1-10.

4. Paging priority Active: Enable o disable the multicast priority. The call from High priority listened part can be answered preferentially.

5. Setup the listening IP address and port. The IP address need to be same as the listened part. And the multicast port can not be same for each IP Address.

6. Click Submit button to save.

Akuvox Door Phone series only can be used as listener part now. More information please refer to the corresponding door phone user manual.

Listened part

Set up from website

1. Go to the website:Phone-Key/Display.

2. Choose Line Key/DSS Key/Ext Key to setup.(Not all phones supports DSS Key or Ext Key)

3. To setup the Type as Multicast paging.

4. Set the multicast IP address and port in Value area. The multicast IP address must be same as the listened part. Click Submit to save

Set up from Akuvox Phone

1. Go to the path:Menu-Features-Programmable Keys. To choose Line Key or DSS Key.

2. Press Switch softkey or Right/Left Key to setup the Type as Multicast Paging.

3. Press Down Key to enter Label area. Input the label you need.

4. Press Down Key to enter Value area. Input the IP address and Port. Press Save softkey to save.

After setup Multicast paging value

1.Then press the Multicast Paging key.

2.The multicast call is answered automatically.