How to setup intercom


Intercom allows user to establish a call directly with the callee. It is convenient for the people who works in a small scale. It is used to answer the incoming call automatically after users set up the intercom function. In this feature guide , we use Akuvox R5X IP Phone and Elastic SIP server as an sample.

Enable Intercom function

1.Please enable Intercom function from the web or phone.Enable from Phone: go to the path: Menu-Features-Intercom. Press the Left/Right button or Switch soft key to enable or disable the Intercom.

2.Press the Down button to enter Mute interface. user can set the phone to enable mute mode when picking up the intercom call so that the other will not hear you.

3.Enable from website: go to the path: Phone-Call Feature.

If the user is only a receiver , no need to setup the intercom value as the below steps.

Setup Intercom Value

1.Go to the website Phone-Key/Display;
2.Setup the key type as Intercom;
3.Setup the intercom code+number(*800 is intercom code, 309 is the callee number as below picture)in the value areas;
4.Select the viable account from Account list;

Different SIP server has different Intercom code, users need to consult the administrator for more information;

5.Then you just press the Intercom key to call out;
6.The callee part will automatically answer the call.