How to setup hoteling


Hoteling function enables the customer to login the own sip account on the Host ip phone, after login to the phone, the customer can use his own guest account on the host IP phone.

Hoteling is supported by Broadsoft platform. Please consult your administrator for further information.

Configuration On Broadsoft

Hoteling Host

Configuration Path Group - select a user(2404984724) - Call Control - Hoteling Host. In the Hoteling Host page, click the On option, Press OK.

Hoteling Guest

Hoteling Guest Passwords

1.Broadsoft Platform: Group - select a user(2404984726).

2.Broadsoft Platform: Group - select the user(2404984726) - Porfile - Passwords. Choose Set portal password in passwords page, set the new password.

Hoteling Guest Configurations

1.Broadsoft Platform: Group - select the user(2404984726) - Call Control - Hoteling Guest. In the Hoteling Guest page, click On option, Press OK.

2.Associated Hoteling Guest to Hoteling Host: Press Search in “Hoteling Guest” page, it will display the list of idle hoteling hosts in available hosts, choose one idle hotel host and press Add to associate.

An account can not be simultaneously used as the Guest and Host identity, and the Host and Guest is one to one relationship, when a Host (or Guest) and a Guest (or Host) is associated, it can no longer be associated with other account unless it logout.

Configuration on Akuvox IP Phones

After associating Hoteling Guest to Hoteling Host on the Broadsoft Platform, now you need to do some configurations on Akuvox IP Phones.

  • Enable Hoteling function on Akuvox IP Phones.
Currently, IP Phone only supports Auto Provisioning to enable Hoteling.
  • Config file:
Order Description
Config.Account1.Hoteling.Enable = 1 #Enable the Hoteling feature for the account 1; ”0” disable the Hoteling feature , ”1” enable the hoteling feature.
Config.Account1.Hoteling.AutoLogin = 0 #”0” means the phone will not remember the User ID and password, ”1” means the phone will remember the User ID, ”2” means the phone will remember the User ID and password.
Config.Account1.Hoteling.User = set the User ID and password for the auto login.
Config.Account1.Hoteling.Password =


  • The idle status of phone after registering the host sip account just like below.

  • There are two ways to login the Guest account on the Host phone (User ID/password /password).

  • The Guest account 2404984723 is ready for use.

After recovering from the phone off /off network, guest account will automatically login unless the Guest account disassociates on the Broadsoft website /phone GuestOut.