How to Setup Hot Desking


Akuvox phone allows user to implement hot desking for daily business. User can change their personal configuration dynamically by enable hot desking, which means multiple user will be able to share one phone with different configuration. User can assign a line key/Soft key/Function Key/DSS Key/Ext Key to enable Hot desking feature.

Webpage Setup

Configuration on phone webpage

Login to the device website and go to path Phone - Key/Display or DSS Key or Ext Key to configure. Select type as “Hot desking”. Enter desired “Label” to display on the phone. Click submit to save configuration.

Phone Setup

On the phone interface, go to the path Menu - Features - Programmable Keys to configure. Assign a key to be Hot desking by select Type and enter Label. Press Save to submit configuration.

Auto Provisioning Setup

  • Code for Line key configuration:
Config.Programable.LINEKEY1.Type = 19 \\ 
Config.Programable.LINEKEY1.Label = Hot desking
  • Code for Soft key configuration:
Config.Programable.SOFTKEY01.Type = 19 \\ 
Config.Programable.SOFTKEY01.Label = Hot desking
  • Code for Function key configuration:
Config.Programable.VOICEMESSAGE.Type = 19
  • Code for DSS key configuration:
Config.Programable.DSSKEY01.Type = 19

Implementation of Hot desking

1.Press Hot desking key, when prompt following screen press Clear.

2.Enter new configuration and then press save to submit configuration.