How to setup calling and connected line identification


Calling line identification presentation is VoIP service that transmits a caller’s identification to the callee by ringing signal. Such identification includes caller’s number and associated name, and this information transmitted to the callee could be displayed on the Phone screen.

Akuvox IP phones allows user to derive calling line identification from the FROM, P-Asserted-Identity, Remote-Party-ID within SIP INVITE request.

User can configure calling line identification source and logic via web user interface or configuration file. And calling line identification is only applicable for individual SIP account.

Configuration on IP Phone

Login to the website and go to the path Account - Advanced - Call to configure. Select desired Call ID Header option from drop-down list. Click Submit to save configuration.

Caller ID Header priority logic:

Type Description
FROM Calling line identification derive from the FROM field.
PAI Calling line identification derive from the PAI field.
PAI-FROM Calling line identification derive from the PAI and FROM field.
RPID-FROM Calling line identification derive from the RPID and FROM field.
PAI-RPID-FROM Calling line identification derive from the PAI, RPID and FROM field.
RPID-PAI-FROM Calling line identification derive from the RPID,PAI and FROM field.

Setup by Phone configuration file

1.Open the configuration file, find the code:

where X stands for account number.

2.Add/Edit the parameter for calling line identification source. Please refer to following table for parameter specification.

For example, configure account 1 for support calling line identification from PAI. The code should be: Config.AccountX.CALL.CIDSource = 1
Value Description
0 From
2 PAI-From
3 RPID-From

3.Once finished configuration, perform auto provisioning to upload the configuration file to the Akuvox IP phone.

For more detail about Auto provisioning, Please refer to Akuvox AutoProvisioning Guide.