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 +====== How to setup call park ======
 +===== Instruction =====
 +<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Call park service allows user to suspend a call for an extended period of time and then retrieve that call from any extension. At present, FWD key is use for call park. For instance, when one who is answering a call wants to move to another location to take the current call, he/she can press FWD to park this call and retrieve the call in the target location. The call can also be parked when the phone is ringing by pressing FWD, inputting the target number, and then pressing OK. \\ </​fs></​ff>​
 +===== Configuration on Akuvox IP phones =====
 +<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​On the phone interface, go to the path **Menu - Features - Call Park** to configure. Press left/right key or Switch to enable the call park, then set up the target number. Lastly, click **OK** or **Save** key to save. \\ </​fs></​ff>​
 +{{ :​7.ip_phone:​features_and_configurations:​call_park1.png?​nolink |}} \\ 
 +===== Configuration on the web =====
 +<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Login to the website and go to the path **Phone - Call Feature - Call Park** to configure. \\
 +{{ :​7.ip_phone:​features_and_configurations:​callpark2.png?​nolink |}} \\ 
 +**Active:​** ​ Enable or Disable call park. Press Switch to exchange. \\ \\ 
 +**Account:​** Choose the BroadSoft corresponding account or All account. \\ \\ 
 +**Target:​** ​ The call will be transferred to a target number. \\ \\ </​fs></​ff>​
 +<note tip>The target number and the phone’s registered account are from the same group.</​note>​