How to setup BLF


BLF: Busy Lamp Field is used to monitor a specific user for status changes on the pre-configured IP phone. BLF is most suitable for company reception. With extension modules, staff will be able to understand each status of monitored phone, so that he/she can determine whether transfer or forward call to that person, or even pickup the call if no one answer. It is also attractive for personal use, you will know the status of other side before you dial out. Therefore it is unnecessary to repeat calling till someone pickup the phone. A BLF button can be assigned to LINE key or DSS key or EXT key. After button are configured, its LED light will automatically up and change status according to BLF rule.

In V3 version firmware, LED indication are are defined by default rule:

LED indication LED status Description
Solid green The monitored user is idle.
Slow flash green The monitored user is dialing or talking.
Fast flash green The monitored user receives an incoming call.
Off The monitored user does not exist.

To satisfy more different needs, In V5 firmware version, Akuvox phone allow user to customize their own BLF rule, it is available by configure parameter in Auto provisioning file. The following content is just a example:

Config.Features.BLFLED.TerminateForDual = 1   //DSSkey BLF IDEL//
Config.Features.BLFLED.ProceedingForDual = 6  //DSSkey BLF incoming call//
Config.Features.BLFLED.ConfirmedForDual = 4   //DSSkey BLF Talking//
Config.Features.BLFLED.ConfirmedHoldForDual = 5  //DSSkey BLF Hold//
Config.Features.BLFLED.TerminateForGreen = 1   //LINEkey BLF IDEL//
Config.Features.BLFLED.ProceedingForGreen = 3  //LINEkey BLF incoming call//
Config.Features.BLFLED.ConfirmedForGreen = 2  //LINEkey BLF Talking//
DSS key parameter range:0-6.
Line key parameter range:0-3.

LED indication Name Parameter
off 0
Solid green 1
Slow flashing green 2
Fast flashing green 3
Solid red 4
Slow flashing red 5
Fast flashing red 6
BLF function require platform support, for more information please contact your administrator.

Configuration on Generic Platform

Configuration on Akuvox phone webpage

1.Go to the path Phone - Key/display for line key configuration.
Or go to the path Phone - DSS key for dss key configuration.
Or go to the path Phone - Ext key for extension module button configuration.

2.Select BLF from “Type” category.

3.Enter desired “Label” to display on the Phone.

4.Enter monitored number for BLF.

5.Select monitor account for BLF.

6. Click Submit to save configuration.

Configuration on Akuvox phone

1.Press Menu, then select and press Features.

2.Select and press Programmable Keys.

3.Select and press Line Key or DSS key to configure a BLF button.

4.Select or enter desired “Type”, “Account”, “Label” and “Value”.