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How to integrate the third party webrelay with indoor monitor

Akuvox indoor monitor is only compatible with the webrelay from ControlByWeb. To work with the webrelay, please follow the steps: Go to the path “Phone-Relay” on the web GUI of indoor monitors(The username and password for the web GUI are both admin by default). Enter the “IP Address”(The IP address of webrelay), “UserName/Password”(The authentication of webrelay, leave blank if there is no authentication needed). Enter “IP/SIP”(Used to distinguish which webrelay action should be triggered) and “Web Relay Action”(Please refer to the official website of ControlByWeb for corresponding action URL of different models).

Enable one of the softkey, and enter the “Display Name”(Will be displayed on call interface which is used to distinguish the soft key from others.), after that, select “Relay” as WebRelay Action.

After all, you can trigger different relay actions during the call from different callers. For example, if the configurations are same as the picture shows, it will trigger “Action ID 01” when it is during the call with SIP extension “102”, and “Action ID 02” for “103”.

It will always trigger the Action ID if anyone whose “IP/SIP” is blank.