How to use sip message on android indoor monitor

Message ① indicates how many messages are unread ( An unread message for an example). Or directly enter the message interface to manage.

Text message

Tap the unread message ② to view the message in details.

Creating a message

Press New key ① to create a new message.

Enter the destination number manually ② or choose the contact from the contact list ③ or select the device quickly from the below list ④ .

Choose the frequently used message ⑤ , such as “Hello,” “Help.” Or input the message content which users want to send ⑥.
Press Send key ⑦ to send.

Deleting message

Long press the message ① to select it.

Click Select All ② to select all message in the message lists.

Click Delete ③ to delete the messages have been selected.

Click Cancel ④ to cancel the operation.

Click Back icon ⑤ to exit the message interface.