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How to setup wifi in wifi available models

WIFI feature is available on C313W,C315W,C317W,IT82W,IT83W

In the device, go to More - Settings - More - WLAN,click On button in the screen to enable or disable WIFI.

If users enable the WIFI mode, choose the suitable AP (Wireless access point), and then enter the password to connect it.

C313W can also be configured with static IP in WIFI mode

In the device, go to More - Setting - Advance - 123456+OK - Network.
1. Enable the WLAN feature.
2. Click Type to configure the network to be in static IP mode.
3. Enter the static IP configuration interface, fill in the IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS1&2, then click the icon in the upper right corner to save this configuration.
Users can also login to the website and go to the path Network - Basic to configure the static IP under WIFI mode.