How to setup capture

The user can capture the picture of door station during the call or checking Monitor.

1.Capture during the call

During the call, click on Capture to capture the picture of door units.

2.Capture under Monitor

On main screen, click on Monitor, choose the doorunit to check the picture, then click on Capture button to capture.

3.Capture during video preview

When there is an incoming call, on the preview interface,indoor monitor will capture automatically in the first 10s.

Picture name format: Year-month-date-hour:minute:seconds.

How to export capture log from indoor monitor

1.Click on Export button to export the capture.
2.FTP:when there is new capture, the capture will be download to FTP server at the same time.

URL: the IP address of FTP server.
UserName and Passwrod: UserName and Passwrod of FTP.


1.For C313/IT80: it can save up to 50 call capture picture;
2.For IT81: it can save up to 50 call capture picture,but if connet to external SD card, the maximun number is 500, there is no limitation of the size of call capture.
3.when the capture picture number reach the limitation, the indoor monitor will detelet the old one in order to save the latest one.
4.The capture can also be deleted manually.
5.When instert SD card to IT81, it will create directory automatically under this path: capture/photo/visitor.