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How to put third party apk on home screen

Apk is installed installation method:autop or adb webpage function.Here is an example of installing the AKUVOX smartplus app.Whether the installation is successful can be viewed in Applications through the management mode. 1.Web GUI:Go to the web GUI of the Indoor phone and enter the login and password (by default they are admin and admin). 2.Configuration:Go to the webpage-phone-key/display—Third Party APK Control Package Name: To fill in the package name of APK (For example: APP Class Name: To fill in the class name of APK (For example: Start Up Enable: To choose whether APK should start up automatically when power up. Turn Back Apk Enable: To choose whether turn back APK without operating for some interval. Intervals Without Operating: To choose how much time to turn back APK without operating. Show App Icon: To choose whether to show APP icon on the home interface or not. Note:View app’s Package Name/App Class Name with “APK+Messenger.exe”.You can download it through the internet. 3.Configuration:Go to the webpage-phone-key/display—Third Party APK Control Type:choose custom APK. Value:package Name/APP Class Name Label:The name of the tag you want to display on home screen. 4.apk on home screen