Akuvox indoor monitor C317X,IT83X,C315X series have powerful android system which can integrate most 3rd party apks that satisfy different scenarios. So you can enjoy the different types service like home automation feature, audiovisual feature and intercom feature together. Akuvox android indoor monitors can support 3 ways to install the 3rd party apk. We will introduce you one by one in the following documents.

2.Enable the app display permission

Akuvox android indoor monitor hides the application display by default. So before installing app, please go to the More-Info-Basic click user permission 10 times to change admin permission. It will affect the following operation.

3.Install the 3rd party apk

3.1Install from website

Android android indoor monitor can support to install apk from website if you download the apk in your PC. This is a universal method. Please follow the steps:
1.Login the device website.
2.Go to the path Phone-App.
3.Choose the apk from your PC.
4.Click Install to submit.

5.Waiting a few second, it will show “App install success! ”, otherwise it is failed

3.2Install from Google play

If the indoor monitor has installed Google play or you can choose the method 1 to install Google play first, then download the app via Google play directly. This is a universal method. Please follow the steps:
1.Choose which app you need from Google play.
2.Click download.
3.Then install the app.

3.3Install from SD card

Some android indoor monitor have SD card module. So you can save the apk in the SD card, then install the app from SD card. This method is only available for C317X,IT83X,IT82X. Please follow the steps:

1.Save the apk in the SD card

2.Insert the SD card to the device.
3.Click Application - ExplorerMini - External_SD

4.Click the app from SD card to install

The above installation method is only applicable to apk installation. If your app type is xapk, please check the following methods.
3.4Install from xapk installer (only for xapk)

Xapk is a new type app’s format that includes apk file and obb cache file. It need to be installed by the 3rd party xapk installer. Please download the installer from https://apkpure.com/xapk-installer/com.apkpure.installer
Please following the steps:
1.Install the installer in the indoor monitor follow the method 1,2,3.
2.Save the xapk in the SD card and insert the SD card into indoor monitor or download the apk from Google play

3.Open installer to search the xapk

4.Click install to install the xapk

5.The xapk installer will search the xapk in the device, then install the xapk.

Please download the xapk in the device first via SD card or Google play.

3.5Manually Install xapk (only for xapk)

You can choose this way to install xapk without using 3rd party installer.
Please follow the steps:
1.Unzip the xapk, you will get two files, one is apk file another is android folder.

2.Install and run the apk in indoor monitor, then quit.

3.Unzip the android folder, you will get obb file.

4.Copy obb file into android folder of indoor monitor.
5.Then run the apk normally.

This method is more suitable for IT83X or C317X which has SD card module, because it is easy to unzip in the PC first, then copy the apk and android folder from SD card to the indoor monitor.

4.How to show the app in touch screen

4.1Show in application page

All installed app shows in the application page by default. In Home page - Applications to check your app.

4.2Show in home page

1.In the device website go to Phone - Key/Display, you can customize the app display.
2. Choose the type as Custom APK. Drop to select the value as packet name. Customize a label name. If you need to change the app icon, please upload a picture from your pc.

3.Click Submit to save.
4.The app will show in home page.