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How to enter android desktop on android indoor monitor

For integration, Akuvox provides 2 methods to get into android desktop: Upgrade to original android firmware. Note: Please get contact with Akuvox technical support at to get the corresponding firmware. Install android launcher directly with your current firmware, please follow the steps:

(1)Install android launcher just like install the third party application, Please refer to How to install apk on android indoor monitor to complete the installation. The link for apk file of launcher:!lmIjGSrJ!PBUZunsfCollU9jGDInlH4SK7s4mT1704voF3B03ajA

(2)After installation completed, reboot the device.

(3)It will request to confirm when first time to reboot after launcher installed
Tap “Launcher3” and then tap “Just Once” or “Always” to get into android launcher. Tap ”GOT IT”, and then the launcher is ready to use.