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 +<​note>​To upgrade firmware to a newer firmware</​note>​
 +====== How to do firmware upgrade in C31X or IT8X ======
 +====== 1. Firmware upgarde via Web ======
 +<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​On the web portal, go to** Upgrade** - **Basic**.</​fs></​ff>​
 +{{ :​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​firmware_upgrade.png?​nolink&​600 |}}
 +\\ <ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​**Firmware Version:** To display the firmware version at present.\\
 +**Hardware Version:** To display the hardware version at present.\\
 +**Upgrade:​** To select the upgrading file from PC manually.\\
 +**Submit:** To submit the upgrading file to indoor monitors\\
 +**Cancel:** To cancel submitting the upgrading file.</​fs></​ff>​
 +====== 2. Firmware upgarde via Autop ======
 +<​note>​Autop (Auto-Provisioning),​ this feature is used to configure or upgrade android indoor monitor in batch via the support of third party servers.</​note>​
 +<ff sans-serif>​ <fs medium>​To use DHCP/​PNP/​TFTP/​FTP/​HTTP/​HTTPS servers to get URL, and then download firmware and/or its corresponding configuration files from servers. These configuration files and firmware will be used to update firmware and the corresponding parameters on the phone. Please refer **Others** - **auto provisioning flow** for details</​fs>​