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How to configure voice assistant on akuvox indoor monitor

Akuvox integrate voice assistant on Akuvox indoor monitor to make more friendly user experience. With Akuvox voice assistant, users can setup arming, DND, as well as access control, make a call, send out message and so on. To configure voice assistant, please follow the steps: Go to the path “More-Settings” and slide left, then tap “Voice Assistant” to get into corresponding settings interface. Tap “Allow” to assign needed permission to voice assistant on all pop-up windows. Enable Voice Wake(To wake up voice assistant with audio command) and Audio Monitor(To allow voice assistant monitor audio import) Above all. Akuvox voice assistant is ready now to work. Saying “Christina” can wake up the voice assistant.
Here are some scenarios when working with Christina:

For Arming:

Q - please turn on arming mode

A - master, how do you like to set?

Q - set home mode

A - do you wanna set home mode on or off?

Q - on

A - alright, home mode is opened

Q - amrming mode off

A - closed it for you, master

Q - could you help me to handle arming mode?

A - do you want to disarm?

Q - I wanna set arming mode off

A - arming mode is off

For DND:

Q - keep silence on

A - sure, dnd is on

Q - don't be undisturbed

A - sure, dnd is off

Q - don't bother me

A - Yes, closed it for you

For access control:

Q - open the door

A - no problem, open the door

Q - let the gate be closed

A - sure, the door is close

Q - can you set the door?

A - I'm not clear, may I have the door status?

Q - open it

A - no problem, open the door

For emergency call:

Q - help help help!

A - god bless you, calling emergency now

Q - make an emergency call

A - calling ambulance now

Q - first aid, please

A - got it, calling sos as soon as possible

For dialing

Q - make a call

A - got it, look

Q - open dial

A - Alright, opened it for you

Q - I want to call someone

A - dial is ready, please go on

For message:

Q - send a message

A - got it, please check

Q - open message

A - master, already opened it for you

Q - I wanna send a note

A - OK, message is opened, you can write some contents to send

For more interesting commands, please explore on your own.