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Assistance(SOS) call is used to call out the emergency numbers in loop times when users need help. Users could choose to display SOS on the home /more page.

How to display SOS softkey on webpage

On the web portal, go to Phone - Key/Display.
Type: To select which function shall be displayed on the home page or more page. “DND” and “Message” are displayed on home page, “Call,” “Contact,” “Settings” and “Status” are displayed on more interface by default.

Example: To view the display example of indoor monitors on home page interface or more interface.

How to configure SOS softkey in the device

In the device,go to customized SOS path.
Call Number: To setup 3 SOS numbers. Once users press SOS key on the home page (SOS display key shall be set on the web manually), indoor monitors will call out the number in order.

Call Timeout: Setup the timeout for each number. Once users call out, if the other side will not answer within the timeout, indoor monitors will continue to call the next number.

Loop Times: To setup the call loop times.