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How to configure screensaver on indoor monitor

On the device, go to More - Settings - Display.
Brightness: To adjust the brightness which is 145 by default. The range is from 0 to 255. The bigger value means the brighter screen.

Sleep: To configure the sleep delay which is 1 minute by default. If there is no any operation in 1 minute, it will turn to sleep screen.

Screen Saver Lock Time: To configure the time to make it display sleep screen when it is in screen savor mode.

Screen Saver: To enable screen saver mode.

Screen Lock: To enable the lock of screen, the device will be unlocked over the sleep time.Users are required the face recognition (Face ID) or password to wake up IT83X.

Screen Clean: Press screen clean to clean the screen, and it will keep users from misusing.

Font Size: To adjust the size of words which is displayed on the screen.