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 +====== How to configure relay in linux indoor monitor ======
 +====== 1.Relay setting ======
 +<​note>​Users can press the Unlock key during the call.</​note>​.
 +===== 1.1 Local relay =====
 +\\ <ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​Go to **Phone** - **Relay** to setup the DTMF code of local relay in website.</​fs>​
 +{{ :​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​linux_relay1.png?​nolink&​600 |}}
 +\\ <ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​**Relay Type:​**There are two types of relay: chim bell and open door.\\
 +**Chime Bell:​** ​ When there is a call, the chim bell will ring.**Open door:** When press the unlock icon, local relay will be opened. \\
 +**Relay Delay:** To set the delay time for local relay.</​fs></​ff>​
 +<note important>​Refer to Wiring Digram for chim bell and open door wiring.</​note>​
 +==== 1.1.1 Softkey in talking/​idle page ====
 +{{ :​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​linux_softkey.png?​nolink&​600 |}}
 +<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​**Status:​** To enable or disable the softkey in talking page.\\
 +**Display Name:** To modify the display name of unlock icons in talking page.\\
 +**Relay:** To set the relay type, including local relay 1/2, remote relay HTTP and remote relay DTMF.</​ff></​fs>​
 +===== 1.2 Remote relay =====
 +<​note>​Please Users need to configure the same DTMF code in the door phone and indoor monitor.</​note>​
 +{{ :​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​linux_relay2.png?​nolink&​600 |}}
 +<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​**Remote Relay**: To set DTMF code for remote relay, which is “#” by default.</​fs></​ff>​
 +==== 1.2.1 Remote relay via HTTP ====
 +{{ :​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​linux_relay_3_.png?​nolink&​600 |}}
 +<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​**IP/​SIP:​** To configure he device IP or SIP account.\\
 +**Remote Relay IP:** To configure the device IP.(Note: Fill in the IP only if this device doesn'​t register a sip account.)\\
 +**UserName/​Password:​** The UserName/​Password and password should be the same as the doorphone.</​fs></​ff>​
 +===== 1.3 Webrelay =====
 +<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​To configure the webrelay or the device’s information.</​fs></​ff>​
 +{{ :​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​linux_webrelay.png?​nolink&​600 |}}
 +<ff sans-serif><​fs medium>​**IP/​SIP:​** To configure the device IP/SIP, which calling with IT83.\\
 +**Web Relay Action:** To configure the action text, you can check this command through the PCAP.</​fs></​ff>​