How to configure relay in android indoor monitor

IT83X,C317 has NO/NC/COM three terminals which supports to connect locks by itself. Users can press the Unlock key during the call.


1. Local Relay

Go to Phone - Relay to setup the DTMF code of local relay in website.

Relay Type:There are two types of relay: chim bell and open door.

Chime Bell: When there is a call, the chim bell will ring.Open door: When press the unlock icon, local relay will be opened.

Relay Delay: To set the delay time for local relay.

Refer to Wiring Digram for chim bell and open door wiring.

1.1 Softkey in talking/monitor page

Status: To enable or disable the softkey in talking page.

Display Name: To modify the display name of unlock icons in talking page.

Relay: To set the relay type, including local relay 1/2, remote relay HTTP and remote relay DTMF.

2. Remote relay

IT83X,C317 can use the unlock key during the call to open the door in doorphone’s site. Users need to setup the same DTMF code in the door phone and indoor monitor.

Remote Relay: To set DTMF code for remote relay, which is “#” by default.

2.1 Remote relay via HTTP

IP/SIP: To configure he device IP or SIP account.

Remote Relay IP: To configure the device IP.(Note: If this device doesn't register a sip account, fill in the IP only.)

UserName/Password: The UserName and password should be the same as the doorphone. (Doorphone configure as follows)

3. Webrelay

To configure the webrelay or the device’s information.

3.1 Web relay Action

IP/SIP: To configure the device IP/SIP, which calling with IT83.

Web Relay Action: To configure the action text, you can check this command through the PCAP.