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How to configure pendant

On the device, go to the path More→Setting→More, enter 123456+OK and then slide left to find RF Settings. Enter the RF setting interface, users can edit, view the status of the pendant, learn and delete learning.

Select one of the RF key X, click Learning to enter the page of adding the pendant, and press the button of pendant. The states on the right side is displayed in green to indicate successful adding.

After successful binding, if there is a call, press the button on pendant to pick up the call; If currently on a call, press the button on pendant to hang up the call.

Edit: Users can configure short press and long press functions. Short press the button to configure the emergency Call function. For the SOS (Assistance Call) function, please refer to the manual on how to configure SOS. Long press to trigger the unlock function, which is according to the configure of relay page.

Status: Users can check the battery power and RF Key ID information of the pendant that has been bound. Learning: To connect with pendant after entry.
Delete: Select a RF Key X that has learned binding and click Delete to unbind learning. After unbinding learning, the state on the right side will show gray.