How to configure multicast

You can use multicast paging to quickly and easily send the announcements to people within the multicast group.

Multicast address from—, however not all multicast IP addresses are valid. Please consult your administrator for more information.

Multicast function could only be applied among indoor monitors. After configuration on the web portal, users could tap All Call on the home page of the device to make a call.

On the web portal, go to Phone - Multicast.

Sending the multicast message

To configure the multicast list, which allow you to send the multicast message.

Multicast Setting: To set the indoor monitor in one of the groups or disable this function.

Multicast List: To fill in the parameters of multicast group. Indoor monitor will establish multicast calls to other indoor monitors which are set in multicast group.

Receiving the multicast message

To configure the listen list, which allow you to receive the message from multicast listening address(es).

Listen List: To fill in the parameters of listen group. Indoor monitor will receive multicast calls if some indoor monitors call the listen group. The listen address should be the same as the multicast address of the sender.

Label: To show the label name on the calling interface if users establish all call.