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 +====== How to configure daylight saving time ======
 +<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​Time as adjusted to achieve longer evening daylight, especially in summer.</​ff></​fs>​\\ ​
 +<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​Go to **Web - Phone - Time/Lang** to configure it.</​ff></​fs>​\\ ​
 +<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​**Active:​** To enable/​disable the daylight saving time. You can also configure to make Linux indoor monitor to adjust the daylight saving time automatically.</​ff></​fs>​\\ ​
 +<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​**OffSet:​** To set the offset value, it is 60 munites as default, ​ setting the clocks an hour ahead of the standard time.</​ff></​fs>​\\ ​
 +<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​**By Date:** To set the date schedule for daylight saving time.</​ff></​fs>​\\ ​
 +<fs medium><​ff sans-serif>​**By Week:** To set the schedule for daylight saving time according to the week and month.</​ff></​fs>​\\ ​
 +{{ :​2.indoor_monitor:​feature_guides:​daylight_saving.png?​nolink&​400 |}}