How to configure audio monitor

This function is used to monitor audio between indoor monitors

Configuration on the party being monitored

Login on web portal, go to Device setting - RTSPD setting, enable RTSPD;

Configuration on monitor party

Login on web portal, go to phone-monitor to configure,fill in the RTSP address of being listening party.
Number: To enter the IP address/SIP number of the corresponding indoor monitor.
Doorphone ID/Device Name: To enter the ID number of indoor monitor, which could be set by users.
Destination URL: To set the RTSP URL for the indoor monitor.

URL format: rtsp: //IP address of being monitored party/live/ch_00 
Quick set up monitor configuration

Click on 'Select' to choose the file.
Click on 'Import' to import the file.(The file format must be .xml.)
Click on 'Cancel' to cancel the option.
Click on 'Export' to export the template
How to import the template:
1.Fill in the information needed;
2.Save the file;
3.Click on 'Import' to import the file with xml format.