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How to watch a video from R2X RTSP server

RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) is a network protocol for streaming server control (controls setting up, launching and stopping of audio/video streams).
The Akuvox door phone integrate an RTSP server. The RTSP server allows for audio/video streaming.
The RTSP URL of the Akuvox door phone is

Main stream - rtsp://IP_address/live/ch00_0
Sub stream - rtsp://IP_address/live/ch00_1

Website Configuration

Doorphone supports RTSP stream, go to Intercom - RTSP to enable RTSP server first.

RTSP Stream: To enable RTSP video and select the video codec. doorphone supports H.264 video codec by default.

H.264 Video Parameters: H.264 is a video stream compression standard. Different from H.263, it provides an approximately identical level of video stream quality but a half bit rate. This type of compression is sometimes called MPEG-4 part 10. To modify the resolution, framerate and bitrate of H.264.

MPEG4 Video Parameters: MPEG4 is one of the network video image compression standard. It supports the maximum compression ratio 4000:1. It is an important and common video function with great communication application integration ability and less core program space. To modify the resolution, framerate and bitrate of MPEG4.

MJPEG Video Parameters: Called motion joint photographic experts group. It is a video encoding format, in which each image is compressed separately by JPEG. MJPEG compression can produce high quality video image and has a flexible configuration in video definition and compressed frames.

The URL for RTSP stream is:


Open the VLC medie player and enter the R2X' rtsp url and then users can view the rtsp video stream.