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Power supply

There are 2 methods to power Akuvox door phone up.


To power up Akuvox door phone with POE switch, users just need to connect Akuvox door phone and POE switch with a network cable. For most of Akuvox door phone, there is only one network terminal, as for E21, there are 2. For E21, the POE network terminal is highlighted in red:

* Adapter

For all door phones except E21, the connection is similar. Take R20 for an example: To power up with an adapter, you will need a 2-wire adapter.

The package doesn't include the adapter, please prepare the adapter on your own.

Press and hold the 2 buttons, then insert the 2 wires.

Please pay attention to the positive and negative pole.

After that, release the 2 buttons, the wire would be fixed there.

As for E21, follow the steps to connect the adapter: Use the screwdrive to loose the connector screws. Place the power supply in the corresponding connector, use the screwdriver to fix it. As shown below: