How to setup DHCP or static IP modes in R2X

R2X uses DHCP by default which IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server address will be obtained from DHCP server automatically.

Setup from website:

Open a web browser and access the corresponding IP address. Enter the default user name “admin” and password “admin” to login. Go to Network - Basic to select to use DHCP or static IP mode.

Access the device websiteNetwork

Setup from device:

For devices with single button - E21/ R20/ R23/ R26: N/A

For devices with multiple numeric keyboard - R27: Press “*2396#” to enter administrator interface. Press “3” to enter system setting interface, and press “1” to enter network setting interface to setup.

For devices with touch screen - R29: In the dial interface, press “9999“, “Dial key”, “3888” and “OK” to enter the system setting interface. Go to address interface to setup.

Access the system settingAccess the system settingNetwork